How To Approve Adsense Fast In 2019

How To Approve Adsense Fast In 2019
How To Approve Adsense Fast In 2019
Hello And Welcome Guys To An Another Fresh Post Of App Bazar. In This Post We Are Going To Discuss about Google Adsense And It’s Requirements. 0n This Post We Are Also Going To Tell You About How To Approve Adsense Fast In 2019. In Our Previous Post, We Had Discuss About Best Way To Earn Money Online In 2019 And How To Earn Money Online From Our WebsiteIn Both Posts We Had Discuss About Google Adsense But We All Know About Adsense’s Policies. It Is Quit Hard To Get Approval Of Google Adsense But Always Remember One Thing, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE IN THIS WORLD. So, Without Wasting Any Single Second, Let’s Get Started With Our Post Of How To Approve Adsense Fast In 2019, 
Guys, Before Starting With Our Main Topic, We Should Learn Some Basics About Google Adsense

What Is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense Is World’s Best And Popular AD NETWORK Provided By Google, Since Google Adsense Is One Of The Product Of Google, Hence There Is No Any Chance Of Fraud or Spam. Google Adsense Allows Publishers To Monetize There Content/Site With Adsense’s Ads. In This Ad Network, Publishers And Advertisers Works Together. Google Adsense Pays You Highest Revenue In Compare To Any Other Ad Network. Adsense Provides You Various Types Of Ads For Monetizing Your Niche.

Policies Of Google Adsense

Sinse Google Adsense Is Very Reputed Platform For Publishers and Advertisers Both, Hence Its Policies Are Little Bit Tough. Here Are Some Main Policies Of Google Adsense- (SOURCE- AdSense program policies)
  • Encouraging for clicks or impressions- If You Are Using Google Adsense or Going To Apply For It Then Make Sure You Are Not Encouraging Your Audience for clicks or impressions. If You Are Thinking That You Are Smart And You Are Going To do this then i’m giving you the assurance of disabling of your adsense account.
  • Copyrighted material- Adsense is highly paying attention on your website and they are always detecting copyrighted material. please don’t copy someone’s content! make your own content and make your own reputation.
  • Invalid Traffic sources- Adsense will never approve your Application of approving your account If you Are using any 3rd party source for getting traffic on your website.
Now, Lets Jump On Our Main Topic of

How To Approve Adsense Fast In 2018

guys, Sometimes adsense takes a lot of time to approving your Application, But If You Follow My These Steps Then I’m Giving You The assurance Of Getting Your Adsense Approval Fast.


  • POSTS- Make sure you have wrote minimum 15 high quality posts before applying For The Approval. Also Make Sure That Those Posts Are Not Copyrighted. Try To Write Some Special And Fresh Content, This Will Help You During Approval Process.
  • PAGES- Adsense Requires Some Very Important Pages Of Your Website. Those Pages Are CONTACT US, ABOUT US, PRIVACY POLICY & DISCLAIMER. You Can Write These Pages Yourslf Or Make Google To Do It.
  • CUSTOM DOMAIN- Adsense is very reputated platform and they are so strick About there Reputation and quality. Make Sure You Have Buyed or Using a Premium Domain Name For Your Website/Niche.
  • PREMIUM HOSTING- Never Go With Free Web Hosting Providers! Those Free Hosting Providers Are Very Cheap Quality and Adsense Never Deals With These Kinds Of Things. Before Applying For The Approval, Make Sure That Your Website Is Hosted On A Premium Hosting. You Can Read My Post Of  Best And Cheap Web Hosting Provider In India 2019
  • DECENT TRAFFIC- High Traffic Is Not Required For Your Approval Of Your AdSense But Make Sure Your Website Have Decent Traffic Before Applying For The Approval. If The Employe Of AdSense Saw Some Organic And Decent Traffic On Your Website Then He/She Give You The Approval Quick.
  • NO 3rd PARTY ADS- If You Are Going To Apply For The AdSense Approval Then Remove Every Single 3rd Party Ads From Your Website. AdSense Never Likes These 3rd Party Ads On There Publisher’s Website.
  • DESIGN- I Have Already Told You That AdSense Is A Very Reputed Platform For Publishers and Advertisers Both!            AdSense Wants Some Unique Interface For The Audience.
  • NO SPAM- Google AdSense Hates Spamy and Fishing Sites! Kindly Don’t Do Any Spam On Your Site.
  • PAID TRAFFIC- Guys, AdSense Is one Of The Product Of Google! They Have Every Single Data About Your Website And it’s Traffic. So, Don’t Buy Traffic From Somewhere.

Bonus Tips For How To Get AdSense Approval Fast In 2019.

  • YOUR FRIENDS- Guys, If You Are Going To Apply For The AdSense Approval Then Request To Your Friends For Going To Your Website via Organic Sources (Like- Searching From Google). AdSense Loves Organic Traffic. Once, They Saw Some Organic Traffic On Your Website Then No One Can Stop or Decline Your Approval.
  • GOOGLE’S PRODUCTS- It Is Just An Human Phycology. If Google’s Employ Found That You Are Already Using Some Of There Products Then The Positive Thinkings About Your Niche Will Grew Up! Try To Use Some Of Google’s Products Like- GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE, GOOGLE ANALYTIC etc..
  • LOGO & FAVICON- What Is The Identity Of Your Website? The Answer Of This Question Is YOUR LOGO AND FAVICON! Try To Make And Use An Excellent Logo And Favicon For Your Website For Increasing The Brand Value Of Your Website.
  • INDEX- I Have Already Adviced You To Use Google Search Console. If You Have Started Using Google Search Console Then Make Sure Every Single Page and Posts Are Indexed also make Sure That Your Website’s Sitemap Is Submitted.
That’s All Guys For Today.. I hope You May Liked Our This Post of How To Approve AdSense Fast In 2019 . We Are Working Day And Night For Giving You The Proper And Excellent Posts. If You Have Any Doubt or Suggestions For Us Then The Comment Section Is Only For You! You Should Use It.

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