Create an Ordered List

What is Ordered List:-
An ordered list typically is a numbered list of items. Ordered list start with <ol> tag and closed with </ol>  you can add list in between <ol> and</ol> tag. Ordered lists are used for lists of items for which the order of the items does matter. The syntax for an ordered list is exactly the same as for an unordered list. To create an Ordered list follow the below steps:
Step1: Open your text editor or Notepad.
Step2: Write the below code in your editor or notepad.
Step3: Save your document in etc.html format.
Step4: Open in Browser.

For Example:

<title> This is wikibooster</title>
<h1> You can learn here </h1>
<li> web designing </li>
<li> html </li>
<li> CSS </li>


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