Create a Set of Radio Buttons

What is Radio Button:-

Radio buttons are an essential element of forms. They are used when there is a list of two or more options that are mutually exclusive and the user must select exactly one choice. In other words, clicking a non-selected radio button will deselect whatever other button was previously selected in the list.
You can use radio button for questions where you want the user to only give you one answer out of multiple option. You can better understand by given example.

For Example:

<title> your web page title name </title>
<h1> which is best course in  wikibooster</h1>
<label for ="name">Web Designing</label>
<input type="radio" name="name">
<label for ="name">HTML</label>

<input type="radio" name="name">
<label for ="name">CSS</label>

<input type="radio" name="name">
<label for ="name">Javascript</label>

<input type="radio" name="name">


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