A new iphone launched.

Today Apple has announced a brand new phone iPhone SE nothing like anything.it is cheapest I phone.
The weight of this i phone is something 148 gm .the performance of this phone is very good .

This i phone have everything which almost available on every top phone's.
This is not a successor of 1st I phone.
It is successor but only in the name .
It is actually refresh model of i phone 8 if you see this phone then it has a small screen 4.7 Inch.

It is small but not tiny . If we see this iphone it have alluminium body.and it has available in four different colours like Red , White, .
It has the letest IOS 13 . It has a13 bionic chip so it is one of the fastest iPhone.
Camera has single lens but it unique. It has total fully featured phone.

It has 12 hour battery backup. This phone has support wireless charging. And it has fully waterproof for 3m water. It has one physical sim and one is E sim. My final thoughts on iPhone SE are . If you are a casual consumer you want a small phone and you are not play the game more and more. I think iPhone SE is a good choice.
But if you want a  big screen and play the more game so it is not about you because because it has small screen.


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