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Books Cart free blogger template, a premiumand professional e-commerce theme

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Books Cart Blogger Template is a premiumand professional e-commerce theme built on the Blogspot platform. Loaded with useful features and amazing widgets, it helps you to create amazing looking online book stores, and platform to create shops for ebooks and paperback books. Ideal for book store, book review, book publishing, and any other book-related website. but also can be used to create multiple niche sites related to movie posters, reviews, food critics and travel blogger..

    1. Responsive - Check Here
    2. Google Testing Tool Validator - Check Here
    3. Mobile Friendly - Check Here
    4. Custom 404 Page - Check Here
    5. Fast Loading - Check Here
    6. eCommerce 
    7. Books eCommerce Store
    8. HTML5 & CSS3
    9. Drop Down Menu 
    10. Social Sharing 
    11. Brower Compatibility 
    12. Simple Design 
    13. Clean Layouts 
    14. Ads Ready 
    15. Cart
    16. Store

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