Coronavirus positive and negative effects

Lockdown has brought the whole world to a standstill. Knowing that everyone's financial conditions may worsen
But nothing in the money ,economy world is bigger than the life of human beings. It is very important for us to be aware of the effects of lock-down and what are going to happen.

The people of our country have followed the lockdown very well and somewhere it seems that we are winning but there are some who are troubling again and again as the rich family and middle class family. He is the only one left in his house. They also have the goods to serve but
Those who are from Bihar, UP, who leave their home to work and go away for work somewhere. today they are stuck in lockDown because they are out of work if factory are closed. Gone is not being given in salary, they are also short of money, which is for a few days, there is less money for food.
Now the trains are also closed, the buses are also closed, where will the poor people go now, the police is also chasing what the police should do, they are also in their duty.

There is no fault of theirs but these poor people also have no food Our request is that whoever owns the factory of these poor people should not remove them and also request those people to protect themselves. Today, if any poor comes out from you, then help him a little or give him food. Don't know how long you haven't eaten. There are also many who are traveling a distance of 400- 500 km to go their home , anyone. They want to go to their home, traveling many kilometers with small children.

Let's talk about some disadvantages and some advantages.


1. First loss will be for those oil companies who are constantly producing oil, while the demand in the oil market has been very low, because people are not going out, due to the lock down, the oil is not being used, it is really oil Prices will go to the very bottom and there will be a lot of damage all over the world world.

2. The second loss will be seen on the economy of all the countries of the world because the work is not happening and every employment is stalled, some production will not happen and the market will go down.

3.The third disadvantage will be yourself, people who go out without wearing a mask without taking any precaution will be infected themselves while those people will also infect others.

4.The fourth disadvantage will be that we do not know the lock down for what we can go out and what we cannot go for, we go out of our work considering it necessary and in the end eat the poles from the police They fall.

Positive effect

 1. The first positive effect is that almost everywhere in the world, the pollution rate has gone down, which can hardly happen in the normal life. This will provide pure oxygen to our atmosphere.

2. The other positive effect is that every year about 400 to 500 people die in road accidents in India and today we are avoiding these accidents due to lock down.

3. The third positive effect is that when technology started almost a few years ago, we did not have time to sit and talk with our own family, today due to the lock down, we all keep talking to our family in our house. The family has got an opportunity to understand. After this lock down people will start understanding each other. Till now, the son who did not even have time to ask his parents how you are today, keeps talking to him the whole day neither people can come inside nor can they go outside It is clear to be with your family.

 4.The fourth positive effect is that today people are sitting in their house trying to learn something new and who want to learn something in their life in real, now they have got a good time to use that time to fulfill their dream. Are trying to avoid those who used to avoid it by saying that today is not the time.

5. The fifth positive effect is that people are preferring to work at home, whereas this was not very effective in their India, but today people are doing work from home and keep trying to learn something new.

And one positive effect is that people who used to be addicted to drugs, today they spend time with their family, that may be called but how can they do it in front of the family. The show seems that in this lock down people can also lose their bad habits.

And one of the biggest things that people did not worry much about their health till today, they have learned to wash their hands, they have learned to protect themselves, they have learned to keep their family safe.

And in the end, I want to say that we will go through this time, yes we will survive that I believe that the economy will go down, but we can work twice as hard to take that falling economy up. Everyone is urged, what people should stay in your house, be safe, keep your home safe, keep your family safe because you are there, then everything will continue to be received. And if you are not there then what is the meaning of this economy.

Stay home stay safe.

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