Top 10 Must Read Books for Stock Markets -List of Best Books for shear markets

Best Books for Stock Market Investment

Lets have a better know how of these top books –

One Up On Wall Street

The author of this book is Peter Lynch, who is one of the most successful fund managers. This classic book explains all the basics needed for a beginner of the stock market.
Right from thinking of investment to solving queries about how, what, when to invest, everything is covered in this book.
The author of this book has emphasized on his stock picking approach for winning stocks. In short, this is amazing if you want to learn all about the stock market from a scratch.

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits

The author of this book is Philip Fisher, who is known to be a pioneer in the world of Financial Analysis. This book emphasizes the investment philosophy of finding growth stocks that lead to massive gain for long-term investments.
The book has well explained the idea behind a good analysis on what to buy, where to buy, and when to sell. This book is considered as a one of the great read for the growth stock investors.

The Intelligent Investor

The author of this book is Benjamin Graham, who is a legendary personality in the world of the stock market. He is the father of value investing and the mentor of greatest investor of all time Warren Buffet.
This book has well explained the fundamentals of the stock market from the perspective of investors. This book is effective in teaching the essential principles of the stock market.

A Random Walk Down the Street

This book is written by Burton Malkiel. The book is popular across the world with the idea of efficient price followedin the stock market.
This book has been simplified the difficulties of investment. Furthermore, this book will offer you the well-researched theories of investment.

Beating the street

This book is another gift from the writer of One up on wall street, ‘Peter Lynch’. This is an excellent book for investors who are aiming for the long-term value investment opportunities.
A good reference book for those who are trying to invest on their own. It even explains the fundamentals of the stock market in a layman’s language which could be easily understood by the new investors.

The Essays of Warren Buffet: Lessons for Corporate America

This book was introduced by the two renowned writers, Warren Buffet and Lawrence Cunningham. This book has broadly explained the principles behind the investment.
In reality, this book is a collection of letters that Warren Buffet wrote to the shareholders explaining them the tricks and methodologies of investment. Thus, it is a perfect summarize of techniques of the world’s greatest investor.

Stocks to Riches

This book is a great work from the Parag Parikh, who is an Indian writer. The author has written the whole truth behind the stock market in this publication.
This book will definitely help you in avoiding the mistakes as a new player in the stock market investment.
Further, this book has simplified the problems involved in investing in the stock market by showing the real life analysis on the Indian stock market.

The Little Book that Beats the Market

This book is a gift from Joel Greenblatt forwarded by Andrew Tobias. It has well described the magic formulas for selecting stocks.
This formula ends up with providing great profit to the investors. The given formulas proved to be one of the beneficial tools for the selection of the best stocks for the investors.

Thinking Fast and Slow

This book is one of the best selling books in the year 2011 which was written by the Nobel Prize winner in Economic ‘Daniel Kahneman’.
This book includes the decades of hard work of the author which guides the investor to select the best stock with the help of certain tricks and formulas.
More precisely, the writer has written the book as a roller coaster ride for the readers. The first system is fast, intuitive and emotional and the second system is slow, more logical and more deliberative.

How to Avoid Loss and Earn Consistency in the Stock Market

The author of this book is Prasenjit Paul. He has well-explained the real scenario of the Indian stock market and he himself used some winning strategies, which he had noted down in his work.
This book explains the very basis of investing in the stock market, which is very simple and effective. Further, this will definitely help a newbie investor in investing in the stock market and gaining profit out of it.

Top 10 Books for Stock Market Investment – Conclusion

Investing in the stock market is considered as a high-risk investment and knowing the strategies and fundamental of the stock market could reduce the risk for the investors.
The different terms of the stock market are complicated to understand by the new investors, thus referring to the books could make it easier for them.

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